Change takes Commitment To Life Coaching!

Change takes Commitment to Life Coaching!

canstockphoto9952630You have to do the work and apply it in your life to create the change you want in life coaching. This takes commitment and time. Some clients only need one or two sessions, but most need more. These sessions can be taken in close succession, or spread out. Some people continue to see me every month for a year or more, to make sure the transformation is real and fully part of their lives. It’s up to you.

“I’ve always had resistance to be coached by men coaches/trainers as I couldn’t trust that they can really feel me, and many times I felt I have to perform changes to please them.  Secretly I wanted to be held by a man so I can fully come out and transform. Coaching with Matthew is not only joyful but also edgy experience. He follows intuition fiercely and with lots of courage. He saw those most vulnerable places in me I usually hide quite well,  pushed me through the edge and stayed with me with compassion love and acceptance. I felt held and came out.

After coaching with Matthew, I feel free and confident in myself. My relationship with men changed. I feel trusting and at ease relating to them. And they must feel it as I receive more and more their love and support. Having better relationships, my whole work life went to the next level. I am making more money than ever before. If you are ready for radical changes in your life I highly recommend Matthew as he is able to  navigate feminine and draw desires out.”  — Justyna Kucharska

“I moved to Florida from Colorado to live with Brent. One month later he got hurt and we had to literally live in a military tent on our nursery to get by.  Our financial and relationship stress was through the roof. Matthew coached our business and our relationship as ONE.  After just 3 months, things really improved and now 9 months later we just moved into a new house and we won Best of Houzz 2015 for Landscape Design. Thank you Matt for believing in us when we were both ready to quit!”

Sarah Ann Reimer,

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