Types of Clients For Relationship Coaching

Who needs Relationship Coaching?

canstockphoto21021376In general I help three types of couple clients:

  1. those in a bad place, often due to infidelity, and desperate for help
  2. those that are good partners but the sex isn’t so good, either mismatched libidos, or both lost libidos, or life getting in the way
  3. those that are good partners and lovers and want advice to become even better! (Often wanting to learn Tantra, explore openness or open to try new sexual activities.)

And I get three general type of individual clients:

  1. those wanting more sexual knowledge and confidence;
  2. those wanting to deal with concerns around desire, performance or orgasm;
  3. those wanting to find a partner.

*fourth category – often individual clients initially come for a sexual reason, and then become regular life coaching clients


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