Under What Conditions Do We Restrict Our Love?

Under What Conditions Do We Restrict Our Love?

MarriageEver hear your friends say, “If my Husband ever….., I will divorce him!”

There are legitimate reasons for divorce. Physical and emotional abuse clearly do not belong in any marriage. Many reasons for divorce like, nagging, infidelity, money issues,  all stem from a decrease in communication and deadening of feeling in the relationship. Once the deadening effect steps in, your marriage becomes a ritual of boredom, stemming from pretending to be morally perfect.  All the other parasites have room to infiltrate your marriage.

Try making a list of all the things you could NEVER tell your spouse.

How big would that list be? This will point out all the conditions that you feel your spouse would not accept as part of the marriage. It will show you the very “conditions” your marriage is based on.

I’m sure your spouse has a list too. Things that they feel would upset you and feel that they are protecting you from if you really knew the real them. Not being real, not being radically honest with each other is the beginning of the deadening effect.

Every relationship dies a little death with each desire that is withheld. The true test of relationship is if you feel more free than if you were alone. You are partners to support each other in adversity and in growth. The old “ball and chain” is nothing more than the desires that you fear sharing with your partner.

If you are reading this now and looking for a way out of the dead black hole, stay tuned for great information to come on communication and honesty.

Check in next week for Solution Part 3 of Conversation #1: What Is Our Marriage?

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