How Does Desire Fade Naturally And Make Love Eternal?

How Does Desire Fade Naturally And Make Love Eternal?

MarriageYou do not have to. You are love. It is the essential core of your being. Love is what connects you to GOD and to every thing else in the whole of existence. It our brain, we are hardwired with chemical reactions to stimulus to keep us moving forward. The first is desire, we see something and it stokes our interest. This happens over and over everyday. For the most part, desires fade.

A few desires stick around and we cannot shake them.

So we start to romance them. We filter all the desires into the one that we really want. We are spending time and invest energy in that person we feel is “special” to us for some reason. There is some commonality or interest that binds us. No one person is 100% perfect for us. We will never know all the people we will meet in our lifetime so the choosing of one for marriage should not become a block to connecting all the other people that will come and go from our lives.

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