How To Heal Sexual Shame

sexual shameHow do you heal sexual shame? If you control a person’s sexuality, then you control their source of power, their inner knowing.

Early on in our lives as our sexuality starts to make itself known, then we start the disconnection process. Humans, monkeys and a few other advanced animals use sexual pleasure as a means of bonding, also it is used for intimacy, group cohesion, stress relief, and reproduction. The average in the animal kingdom is 12 sessions of intercourse for everyone birth. Bonobos, and also humans average 1000 sessions per 1 birth. There is a reason Bonobos monkeys are only on display in one zoo in California. They are very, very active! Did GOD make sex for just procreation for humans and not for monkeys?

Check in next week for What is Your Relationship With Your Sexuality?

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