How To Create A Unique Vision For Your Marriage

How Do You Create A Unique Vision For Your Marriage?

MarriageEvery 7 to 10 years, people really change, a lot! Depending on when you got married and how long you have been married, you are not the same person now as when you said “I Do.” The younger you started the more drastic the change can be.

Try sitting down and creating a vision for your marriage. What are your individual goals and the goals you wish to accomplish together? The whole point of two is that you can share the workload of life to free up time for each of you to develop yourselves. If you just spending all your time working hoping for a day in the future, you are going to get burned out.

Do you like travel, crafts, hobbies?

How are you financially?

How many kids do you want and when?

Or if you have kids, what do you want to do with them?

What do you want to do together?

How can you make the free time to do what you want to apart?

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