How to Stop Letting Others Define YOUR Marriage

So what is marriage?

MarriageWhat does it mean to you? Where did your ideas of marriage come from?

So many of my female clients tell the same story. They were “good girls,” went to college to get an education. Started a good career. Dated until they found a quality husband and had kids. And then the emptiness. Right in the mid 30s to 40s. The script ends? All that is left is to retire with a 401 K at 65 and play with grandkids.

And then there is this sinking feeling of selfishness. “What about me?” When do I get to do what I want to do? Besides the 7 year itch, the 2nd most popular time for a divorce is when the last kid turns 18 and leaves the house or heads to college. Many women feel their mission in life is complete. Now she is ready to live her life the way she chooses without sacrificing any more for others.

Check in next week for How To Create A Unique Vision For Your Marriage.

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