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Help Me Save My Marriage!


We are always available for 15 minutes by phone for free whenever someone asks us honestly to, “Help me save my marriage!”

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In our first 90-minute session, we will answer your call to “Help me save my marriage” with these three tools.

  1. How to take a time out
  2. Understanding the three keys to feeling loved
  3. How to do your 10-minute miracle listening session

When clients come hot and dying to how I will answer their call to “help me save my marriage” the first step is to teach them how to take a time out. You never stopped anyone from crying by saying, “Stop crying” you will never get someone to “stop yelling and listen” just by asking. When the body is stressed, it takes 20 to 40 minutes for the hormones to wear off so the individual can calm down. Knowing when not to talk is just as valuable as knowing when and how to talk.

The biggest way I can be the one to, “Help me save my marriage” is to learn how to make your partner feel loved. The three magic keys are non-sexual physical touch, words of appreciation, and some additional effort. The energy felt by doing chores, a thoughtful gift, extra time alone, and a little romance.

Once your partner feels loved, then they can open up and listen to your needs and wants. The last step is to schedule 10 minutes of listening to each partner without any interruption. If you did a good job of calming your partner down and making them feel loved in at least one of each of those three ways, your partner would be open and ready to listen.

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