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Marriage Coaching Questions and Terms

Relationship Coaching

Marriage Coaching questions often focus around the spouses relationship with each other. Relationship coaching is a client-focused service where an essentially functional individual or couple is guided to create their desired relationship with effective support and information. 

Parent Marriage

Even one thinks they know what marriage is, but if you ask any individual to define “marriage coaching” questions and you will get a variety of answers, especially from couples married to each other. Getting clear on why you are married and what the intention is, is the secret to creating a happy marriage. Other types of marriages include: Starter, Companionship, Long Distance, Open, and Covenant (traditional religious).

Sex Coaching

Sex Coaching is a pathway for sexual growth. Marriage coaching questions often focus around sex. Sex Coaching is a client-focused approach that works with sexually functional individuals and couples to enable them to deepen and expand their experience of sex, love and intimacy. Depending on the needs of the client, it may include ancient and esoteric teachings, sex education, and instruction. The Coach helps the client to discover and enhance their own eroticism to create a love life that is one of ongoing growth and fulfillment.

Sacred Sexual Teachings

All the major world religions have a “mystery school” in which esoteric sexual practices were taught. Tantra is a spiritual and energetic approach to sex and life that comes from ancient India. Along with the Taoists of China, Jewish Kabbalist, and Buddhist, these approaches to sex, love and intimacy are broader and deeper than conventional Western understandings. Through practices that include breathing, mindfulness, energy and sensual touch, you will learn to connect with your partner in a way that is real, deep, poetic and intensely beautiful.

Emotional Intelligence

The first step is to assess your Emotional Intelligence. Matthew is certified to administer the EQi 2.0 from MHS Partners. Each spouse will review the results individually, then we host a group session to share between spouses to see how it deepens understanding between each other.

The Process I’ll Guide You Through

Marriage Coaching Questions the approach taken, I will help you:

  • figure out how you would like your marriage and relationship to be;
  • show you your strengths and weakness in your Emotional Intelligence
  • work out what changes you need to make in your thinking, behavior and lifestyle to enable that to happen;
  • assist you to make those changes;
  • bust myths to  give you real information and education
  • provide guidance and strategy;
  • enable transformation at all levels of your being.


I see clients from Monday through Thursday. Monday and Wednesday I keep evening appointment hours between 6 and 9 PM. The first session of the day is at 9 am with the last at 2 pm. Other days may be possible by special arrangement for clients visiting from out of town. Sessions last for 60 minutes.

My first full session with you includes a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I will assume all the risk for helping getting you and your marriage back on track.


I see clients at my home office and by phone. I have clients from all around the world.