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Matthew Hoelscher

Matthew Hoelscher is one of the leading voices in helping couples define marriage beyond boredom, beyond love, towards a meaningful purpose.

Matthew Hoelscher is a sex and relationship coach who helps couples find self-mastery by making marriage a living practice, instead of just a legal agreement.

Everyone assumes to know what marriage is, yet few define their commitments and agreements until after infidelity or worse a divorce lawyer. Matthew helps couples put everything on the table, create a vision, and establish agreements around what is important and what is optional for each partner to deepen their self-actualization.

Matthew brings together progressive ideas, personal experience, loving unconditional acceptance, and accredited coaching to create marriages of trust, love, and growth for both the parents to be passed on to their children. He also maintains an extensive library of historic sexual teachings of Tantric, Taoist, Kabbalah and Christian Gnostic mystery schools.

His academic qualifications include Bachelors of Liberal Studies at Iowa State University, Professional Coaching Certification from the University of Miami and accreditation from the International Coach Federation. He is certified to assess Emotional Intelligence using the EQi 2.0 from MHS. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), cave and deep wreck exploration diver, sailor, an avid photographer, and has read 500 books in 7 years placing him in the top 1% of readers worldwide.

During the week he runs a thriving coaching practice at his home office in Miami, Florida. On the weekends, he runs workshops on health and wellbeing at his personal retreat center.

When not busy saving marriages, he is taking his beautiful wife and twin boys on adventures in the Everglades or the Atlantic Ocean, gardening, yoga, meditation, or mountain biking.

Mini-bio About Matthew Hoelscher

Matthew Hoelscher is Miami’s foremost authority on marriage and relationships. Highly Qualified, with thousands of hours of experience, Matthew is a relationship guru, fascinated by how people communicate and the all the problems that arise in marriage from the biological, psychological and the spiritual. Let him help you create the relationship you have always wanted!

Accredited Marriage Coach,
Creator of the Emotionally Connected Couples Coaching (EC3)