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Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Couples Counseling Miami

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I’m Matthew Hoelscher, a  Miami, and over the past five years or so I’ve spent thousands of hours working with individuals and couples counseling with a dual focus on emotional connection. As one client put it, I am a “universal translator between men and women” to help bring you clarity and insight – and guide you to the love life you desire.

In my ten years of executive coaching experience, I found that the majority of the problem in the workplace have to do with communication and trust. Once employees got their home lives straightened out, with couples counselor Miami their work lives improved dramatically. Now I bring this experience directly to you and your marriage!

“I started working with Matt after my husband walked out one day and told me we were separated. I wanted to save my marriage. My sister and I own a graphic design business, and that income was now the only way for me to provide for my three kids. I closed a $40,000 deal the next month with Matt’s help. Once my confidence was back, I realized I didn’t need anyone. Matt helped me find my confidence to have whatever I want. My husband still can’t believe how much I’ve changed!
—Maggie Ricart,

The Process I’ll Guide You Through

Emotionally Connected Couples Coaching (EC3) will help you:

  • Find the one “Green Leaf” in your relationship
  • Teach you the coaching process to build communication skills and end arguing
  • Show you your strengths and weakness in your Emotional Intelligence
  • Define and write a clear marriage agreement
  • Reconnect you both emotionally
  • Rekindle intimacy

“Matthew is a great listener, is very giving, very funny, patient, and very intelligent. He is wise, an old wise soul. He is caring, compassionate and very honest. He knows exactly what to say when he gives an answer to my question or when he gives me advice.  He helps to change one’s perspective with such a simple approach which enables me to see things more clearly.  My love for myself and others has grown because I trust myself more and understand my purpose much more clearly. This has enabled me to open up my heart more to my husband, my daughter, my parents, family, friends and my clients. My fears, mental clutter, and drama are no longer an ‘excuse.’ I find myself to no longer be a ‘victim.’ I have grown physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually being around him and his beautiful family.  I recommend him as an excellent coach because of the wonderful ways he has guided me to expand my mind, soul, and outlook in my life.”
—Alma Herrera,


Types of Clients for Couples Counseling Miami

In general, I help three types of couple clients:

  1. those in a bad place, withdrawn, arguing, lacking intimacy and fearing not doing anything will lead to infidelity or divorce
  2. those that are good partners but feel like “love” is lost, the sex isn’t so good, either mismatched libidos or both lost libidos, or life getting in the way
  3. those that are good partners and lovers and want to challenge themselves to become even better!

And I get three general type of individual clients:

  1. those wanting more sexual knowledge and confidence;
  2. those wanting to deal with concerns about body image, desire, performance or orgasm;
  3. those wanting to find a partner.

*fourth category* – often individual clients initially come for a sexual reason, and then want to make more money by becoming Executive Coaching Clients.

“I moved to Florida from Colorado to live with Brent. One month later he got hurt, and we had to live in a military tent on our nursery to get by.  Our financial and relationship stress was through the roof. Matthew coached our business and our relationship as ONE.  After just three months, things improved and now nine months later we just moved into a new house, and we won Best of Houzz 2015 for Landscape Design. Thank you, Matt, for believing in us when we were both ready to quit!”
—Sarah Ann Reimer,

30 Day Relationship Reboot

You have to do the work and apply it in your life to create the change you want. This takes commitment and time. Many couples have lost the ability to be completely open and honest. First I ask for a 30-day commitment to getting started and reboot your relationship. For some a few sessions with couples counselor Miami is all they need, but most need more.

These sessions can be taken in close succession, or spread out. Some people continue to see me every month for a year or more, to make sure the transformation is real and fully part of their lives. It’s up to you.

“I’ve always had resistance to be coached by men coaches/trainers as I couldn’t trust that they can feel me, and many times I felt I have to perform changes to please them.  Secretly I wanted to be held by a man so I can fully come out and transform. Coaching with Matthew is not only joyful but also edgy experience. He follows intuition fiercely and with lots of courage. He saw those most vulnerable places in me I usually hide quite well,  pushed me over the edge and stayed with me with compassion love and acceptance. I felt held and came out.
After coaching with Matthew, I feel free and confident in myself. My relationship with men changed. I feel trusting and at ease relating to them. And they must feel it as I receive more and more their love and support. Having better relationships, my whole work life went to the next level. I am making more money than ever before. If you are ready for radical changes in your life I highly recommend Matthew as he can  navigate feminine and draw desires out.”  — Justyna Kucharska

“I have been coaching with Matt for a while.
First, he guided me regarding a new start after a painful divorce from my husband of 30 years. He helped me find new ways in which to go on with my life, all aspects of it.
Lately, he has been helping me in finding a way to start a new relationship and how to get there.
He has always been there when I needed, his take on things always sheds a different light on whatever it is I have a dilemma or a problem with.
I appreciate him and his knowledge, and I highly recommend him as a coach, no matter in what area you might need guidance.
It has been a lesson in life to coach with Matt, and I thank him deeply.”
—Gladys R., Miami FL